New Happy Home for a Soaring ESS Puppy – Sophie Grace

This was shared from the new home of a Soaring ESS puppy – Sophie Grace:
What a pleasure, she’s such a good girl, settling in nicely.  Emmaus seems to be getting used to her hanging around him, and they are starting to bond with each other a bit more.  Taking it slow!!! I ordered a case of the wet food, and she has not been picky at all!  5am and 5pm is din din, and a small amount for lunch.  No treats yet, but our vet gave her a natural one on our visit. She had nothing but praise for your puppy and professionalism, I brought all the paperwork you gave me to the  visit.  She is a healthy happy dog, received rabies and 1st Lyme, will go back for 2nd Lyme in a couple weeks from now.They will do blood test for immunity rather than give 3d shot before 14mos old.

Took both dogs to field behind our house and she played ball.  Very good experience, She “go get it” and “come”, sit and give almost every time!Did leash walk on waterfront last night, she also did great.  I am hiring a trainer to come to the house in a couple of weeks, will keep you posted. I’ll have to take some pics to send you, especially when the two of them carry the frisbee together, priceless.   Thank you again for such a nice girl….we absolutely love her!
Deb and Ann

Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace

SIRE Ridgerunner Admiral Horatio Nelson – “Nelson” Pedigree
DAM Soaring Annika Rhyme & Reason- “Annika”


Author: Deb Keays