Gremlin – All’s Well

It always great to hear from our happy homes that our Soaring English Springers now share with their humans.  Here is a recent email and pictures from Tom H:

Hi Deborah,
I wanted to let you know all is going well with Gremlin. She’s adapting to her new environment and seems happy and energetic. Nuisance and Misty are adjusting as well, a bit jealous of all the attention the new kid is getting but getting along well. We had our first trip to the Vet yesterday and she got the first of two shots in the Lyme Disease Vaccination; weighed in at 15 pounds and everybody loved her. Like Nuisance she seems to love all living things. The only pain has been the weather–boots and rain jacket on, boots and rain jacket off–but we’re dealing with it.
I took your advice and brought my ‘car crate’ into my bedroom where she’s slept. I’m going to try to wean her off that in a while but for now it’s working.
Thanks for the great job you did nurturing her into a great puppy.
Tom H.

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Author: Deb Keays