Soaring ESS – Fairness and Equitable Value Statement

Please note, to ensure fairness and equitable value to all parties and especially the breed:

ALL of our puppies are sold with a contract.

Please inform of us your goals and desires prior to purchasing your puppy so the right contract and the right puppy can be matched to your needs and desires.

It is VERY important for us to match the temperament of a puppy with a caring and responsible family whose activity and experience levels will provide the greatest success for that puppy. Temperament considerations are of primary importance in these decisions. Keep in mind that color and gender are secondary characteristics when it comes to creating a “match” between a puppy and a family.

All of our puppies leave our home already micro-chipped. As part of our role as a responsible breeder, we require that our name be listed as the secondary emergency contact should the puppy ever be lost or find its way into a shelter. This helps us to keep track of the puppies that we bring into this world. If you, for whatever reason, ever need to place or re-home a Soaring ESS puppy, it is understood that as the breeder we will be the first person you will contact.

We believe all puppies are family members and companions FIRST! Good companion homes may be given priority over a show home. Companion animals are sold on LIMITED registrations and on spay/neuter contracts only. A LIMITED registration allows a puppy to be registered with the American Kennel Club and compete in AKC events, but disallows any further progeny from registration.

A copy of our Pet or Show contract is available for your review prior to placing a deposit for a puppy. If, after we have received your completed questionnaire and we have had a chance to talk on the phone, we jointly agree that a Soaring ESS puppy is right for you, then we will ask for a non-refundable, good faith deposit to hold your puppy. The reason the deposit is non-refundable is that once we have committed the entire litter to forever homes, we refer inquiries to other breeders. If a prospective owner decides not to take a puppy, we must then begin the process of finding that puppy a new family.

When you purchase a puppy from us, you also purchase our commitment to your family, the breed as a whole, and first and foremost, the puppy itself. We want you to be happy and content with your pup AND with us, as breeders and protectors of the ESS. We also want your pup to be happy and content with YOU. All guarantees are in writing and included in our contract.

We expect and anticipate to follow all puppies through their lifetimes, supporting the needs of the pup and their family to maximize the “water dog experience.” Acquiring a puppy from Soaring ESS is the beginning of a relationship – – we seek to mentor new owners while also being mentored ourselves by ESS friends with decades of experience in the breed.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions for you.

Thank you for your interest in a SOARING ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL!

Deborah Keays