Ms. Keays,

I’m Joseph  from   Albany NY.  I was lucky enough to get got a  black and  white male from you about 15  ago,  Zachary.  I wish to let you know that I just lost him a few  days back . My girlfriend at the time  Maria and I  had  visited  your home when we were searching for a dog . We had to pick Zack up in Vermont .

He  was  a great  friend  for  a very long time and I can’t thank you  enough.  Great dog all around !!  You may  not  remember  the  litter but I  believe  his  mother  was  Audrey  from Vermont and his   father  was Teddy  was one of yours.   I think you  told me he was named after Ted Nugent.   Please  forgive my lack of exact  information, I am at work and I don’t have his papers here.  The litter also  included  two sisters, both named Molly and  one actually lived near us in  Rotterdam.  You  and  his mother’s  owner (don’t recall her name at this time) came to visit us at  my home in Colonie  and hung out  in our yard  for a  day  with  me, my girlfriend Maria,  Zack,  Molly from  Rotterdam,  her owners and I think you  ladies may have  brought  Audrey.   I hope  that  all this  info helps  you  remember, I’m sure that you get this type of  letter all the time. I enclosed a pic of Zack and my son  Joseph , I think that pic is about 2 or 3 years old.  Zack has Ricotta cheese on his nose from a Ravioli.

Zachary and Joseph

Everyone here is   pretty busted up.  I got to tell you that I’m hooked on this  breed of  dog  and I sincerely hope that when the  time is  right  you would  consider my wife Brenda and I and our son  as being  excellent  candidates  to provide a  safe, devoted,  loving home  for one of your boys again.    Thank you for providing us  with this  great  devoted  companion.