Taryn and Matt Shared this with Deb: Just wanted to give you an update on Avery!  It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year since we got her, and she’s already become such an integral part in our little family!  Matt has started training with her, tonight we took her out with a grouse decoy and some grouse scent, and she stayed with me until he came back and got her.  She picked up the scent immediately and found the grouse right away, so there is promise with this little one!  We are still working on “fetching” as there are a lot of distractions outside, but she has definitely got it figured out within the confines of the house.  Speaking of which, we ended up buying a house in June, and Avery has made the transition well.  She has been fine un-crated throughout the day, with no accidents, and Matt coming home at lunch time to see her.
  There is a conservation center with a pond nearby and she has turned into a real water dog as well.  She just loves to swim!  And I can’t begin to tell you the number of compliments we receive when other people see her; her temperament, her coat, her gait, her swimming… people are just amazed with how well bred she is, and we are too!  She is such a beautiful dog with such a sweet disposition and we could not be happier!