Hi Deb,

Getting Summer was one of the best things that has ever happened to us! She is almost 8 years old now. When Summer was born, Deb asked  what qualities I would like in a grown dog, and my answer was , “Just a dog who goes along and does everything!” Well, I certainly got that in Summer! She is definitely my “go along girl”, and she happily keeps us company wherever we go. She passed her Canine Good Citizen test years ago.

Her favorite thing to do is swim! Oh my, how she loves that! There’s a lake nearby that we visit often and she swims out and back to get the ball I throw for her. Sometimes I have to force her to take a rest because she wants to swim nonstop! At the ocean, she loves the salt water and is fearless of the waves. She really loves it down at the Outer Banks, NC where the waves are wild, even more than York, ME. She is so much fun to be around!

People stop us all the time and say how lovely she is, and what a beautiful face she has. Of course, we already know this, but it’s nice to be stopped by strangers and told that. The funniest thing about Summer is that she is quite the talker! She will ramble on and on telling you a story, which we tell her we don’t believe! She is very, very loving, calm, sweet, and dear to us. What a truly great dog, and we are so blessed to have her be part of our family.

Dad = Simon

Mom = Natalie