Hi Deb, the Vitullo family would like to sincerely thank you for our wonderful companion, Natalie.  We adopted her about 6 years ago, and she has added so much joy to our lives since then that we thought we should share a little about her.  She is just as much of a ‘puppy’ now as she was we picked her up from Glens Falls!  She is a perfect fit for our active family and participates in kayaking, swimming, trips to the bike path, hiking, making snow angels, and more!  Her sweet personality and high energy is contagious, sometimes she is the only thing motivating us to exercise :).  Not only has she been a smart and loving doggy to us and all people, but she is amazing with other animals.  We recently adopted a little kitten, Nico, and the two of them are inseparable.  Natalie has been the best big sister, and often times they can be found snuggling (her kitty makes a nice pillow hehe).  We cannot thank you enough for giving us the healthy, happy, and sweet little girl that we have adopted into our family.  She is a testament to all of the work you put into your litters and the quality of dog that you are getting when you adopt a Soaring Springer.  We love her to pieces!


– The Vitullo Family

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