Rainbow Bridge

Soaring Over the Rainbow Bridge

Our Springers that are gone but not forgotten.


Mesquite Wine CDX “Mesquite” 1986 – 2002

In the early 1980’s I found my first Springer soul-mate. Her name was Mesquite Wine CDX, CGC. A Liver/White female from a friend. She past away just 2 months after her 16th birthday. She will always be missed. Mesquite did produce a litter years ago that was the start of my hobby kennel. We kept two beautiful puppies from her, Fred and Shayna.

CH Return Friendly Wizard X Mesquite Wine


We went to matches for conformation and later found that Freddy really liked obedience which we were taking at the time. A woman that came there to watch every week fell in love with his sister, Shayna, and wanted her for a pet. They were both altered and Shayna went to that place while I kept Freddy for my son. My son had more time to devote to Fred and put Freddy’s Companion Dog title on him. Then I took him further to Companion Dog Excellent and started training in Utility. He was also a great field dog and would flush, and retrieve fowl game in land and water. Sadly, he passed on at 15 years of age.

Return Molly's Gretel AM/CAN CD ,CGC "Gretel" 1991 - 2004
Return Molly’s Gretel AM/CAN CD ,CGC
“Gretel” 1991 – 2004

My foundation for most of the Springers I have to this date. Easily trained, never chewed, and best behaved. Most perfect dog I’ve had.


Della ‘ Died of a short illness(12/20/07 ). Amazing Companion that had taught me more to life then I expected . Della ‘Being handicapped we had become close training sole mates .Contribute to all dogs and people shown me anything is possible!

Della Soaring Ordinary World CGC,TDI “Della” 2001 – 2008

Lucy in the Sky
CH Ramblewood Lucy in the Sky "Lucy" 1997-2010
CH Ramblewood Lucy in the Sky
“Lucy” 1997-2010

CH Chatapa Apollo X CH Ramblewood Keeper Of The Stars

Lucy is from a reputable line breeder and AKC judge. She has done well to bring new lines into my breedings. She is the dam of “Natalie Wood” (below). Both Lucy and Natalie are prey driven and love to catch Frisbees, balls in mid-air, and are great retrievers!

    CH Kay's Star Constantinople Am/Can CD, CGC     "Connie" 1995-2010
CH Kay’s Star Constantinople Am/Can CD, CGC
“Connie” 1995-2010

Constance was a beautiful and loving mom who passed her good genes to her offspring. Currently we have two daughters from her and they have shown Great promise as family pets and in competition.


Kays Star Woodrick AM/CD,CGC (Woodrick) March 1995 – 2004


Soaring Annika Rhyme & Reason- “Annika”


Got A Dream

Soaring Got A Dream. “Dreamer”

Soaring Moonlit Sky X CH Soaring Star Constantine CD, NAJ, CGC/TDI

Hips OFA Good, Eyes ACVO Normal.

A spit fire, she takes in all that surrounds her and is fun to train. She is currently showing and has 11 points towards her championship. But she is a petite Springer and will be hard to get the majors. She is a Mix of Soaring, Serenade and Ramblewood Kennels. Her dam is Iris and her sire is Max, Soaring Moonlit Night. Max is very handsome, the second dog to OFA Excellent in my lines, and Eyes Certified Normal. I would have shown Max to his championship if his owners would have allowed me to take him for a few months. But it is very hard to give up your Loving Companion even for a good cause.

Dreamer’s Pedigree & Health


Natalie Wood

CH Soaring Stairway To Heaven CGC/TDI. “Natalie Wood” Natalie’s Pedigree

CH Ramblewood The Joker X CH Lucy In The Sky 

Named after my favorite actress that passed, Nat has a bit of a over acting spoiled social-light debutante way about her. She’s charming, funny, loves to get messy, but also does not mind standing on the grooming table to get freshened up. She lives for a frisbee and a ball. She was national champion on 09/27/03 at the supported entry Long Island English Springer Spaniel Specialty in Oyster Bay, NY.

Natalie Wood’s’ Pedigree & Health

Natalie Wood

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CH Soaring Star Constantine CD, NAJ, RN, CGC/TDI. “Iris”

 Am/Can CH Serenade’s Storm Warning X CH Kays Star Constantinople A/C CD

Great energetic girl. She loves Agility and is a star in her obedience class. Iris has one daughter, Dreamer (below), and one son, Claude Simon (on stud page), living with us.

Iris’ Pedigree & Health


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Claude Simon

Soaring Star Claude Simon “Claude Simon” CD RN RA RE NA OA NAJ CGC

Simon is of quality temperament and health. He is active, sweet, patient, and loving. I am truly fortunate to have him living with me. He is showing in conformation, agility and obedience.

Simon’s Pedigree  & Health

Soaring Star Claude Simon
“Claude Simon” CD RN RA RE NA OA NAJ CGC

Soaring Breaking Benjamin – “Bennyman”

Is from Dreamer’s last litter
Soaring Got A Dream X Am/Can CH Serenades’s Above Suspicion
This whole litter of 6 was all beautiful happen to keep Benny because of his nice temperament and wonderful happy show spirit . Watch him in the show ring this year. 

(Benjamin) Soaring Breaking Benjamin (Halo)

Sweet Benny my companion left us 10/16 /22

Benny’s Pedigree  & Health Record

Benjamin - Soaring ESS Boys

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Soaring Hero Of The Day “Lars” CD CDX RN RA RE CGC

Energetic, Smart fast learner, Lovable kisses every chance he gets. Loves to play with every dog he meets. Will not give up trying to make a friend. Most of the time he wins them over to his side. He is my first UK /AM bred dog. Very fast learner.  Had two obedience titles at 1 1/2 years old and already at two years competing in Open Obedience.

Sire AM CH ,Sw.Ch,LuxJCH.Whisborne Esquire X

Dam Soaring Got A DreamEye

Lars’ Pedigree & Health

Lars - Soaring ESS Girls

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CH Soaring Ordinary World QT – “Whisper”

2010 – 2024

Pedigree  & Health


Soaring Claude Simon’s Fire At Midnight RN CGC Gracie”

Pedigree & Health