Barnard and Sunny

“Barnard and Sunny”

Barbara shared this with Deb: Hi Deb,  Isn’t this great!!  They were like two little angels.  I said Sit and stay and they sat there!  They knew the Santa as he is a friend of Phil’s – that may have helped them get by the strange man in the red suit.  I am using this for cards but wanted to send to you ahead of time.  Hope all is well.  It’s been busy since the storm—it’s like that storm wiped out two weeks.  At least we have our house and very little damage.  Love , Barbara

Barnard and Sunny

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  1. I forgot to mention Deb that I would possibly be interested in two puppies, one liver and white and one black and white if they could come home together and grow up together. Koda would love that as he is a major animal lover and could then train one (black and white) as same color of Audrey and Ariel. Penny

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