The versatility of the English Springer Spaniel has always intrigued me. In the early 1980’s I found my first Springer soul-mate. Her name was Mesquite Wine CDX, CGC. A Liver/White female from a friend. She past away just 2 months after her 16th birthday. She will always be missed.

Mesquite Wine CDX "Mesquite" 1986 - 2002

Mesquite Wine CDX
“Mesquite” 1986 – 2002

Mesquite did produce a litter years ago that was the start of my hobby kennel. We kept two beautiful puppies from her, Fred and Shayna.

Kays Black Fedora CDX,JH,CGC "Freddy" 1990 - 2005

Kays Black Fedora CDX,JH,CGC
“Freddy” 1990 – 2005

I wanted to start showing my dogs in conformation and maybe breed for the future to start my own lines. A year went by as I searched for a foundation for my hobby kennel. I traveled to and researched many different kennels up and down the East Coast. I found who would become a Great Friend and Mentor that had lived not so far and would support me in my venture. I had known of William Gebert for awhile as a reputable breeder, an AKC judge, a biology teacher knowledgeable in genetics, and a breeder of his own lines since 1948. Bill turned out to be my best friend and teacher/mentor for my future kennel. He had co-owned one of his females with a family and had bred her for a pick of the litter. I was supposed to just look at the litter and pick which ones that I liked for structure. When I had done so he agreed that this little puppy, Gretal, was to be my foundation to start with. Wow! And the rest is history.

Return Molly's Gretel AM/CAN CD ,CGC "Gretel" 1991 - 2004

Return Molly’s Gretel AM/CAN CD ,CGC
“Gretel” 1991 – 2004

Since then I have had the pleasure of having some of the best temperaments and healthiest Springers I have known. I have been very Fortunate and Lucky!

Our Springers Christmas 2012

Our Springers
Christmas 2012

Genetic problems do exist in English Springer Spaniels as in any breed of dog. But keeping track of existing problems and checking every generation of dogs is a great asset to any kennel and their pet families. My goal is to breed consistent quality and to preserve the English Springer Spaniel’s Character. I do this by having a good foundation program, reading pedigrees, physically checking into backgrounds and hopefully eliminating or lessen any genetic faults.

Contact Information for Soaring English Springer Spaniels
Deborah Keays
Lake George/Saratoga Region, Upstate NY
Phone: (518)480-3400
Email: soaringess@roadrunner.com


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  1. I was wondering if you had any puppies at this time? and if so colors and sexes. I live in maine and i am looking for an outstanding springer to add to my family. really looking for the full bench look. thanks Mollie

    • Hi Deb,
      Thanks for chatting today. It was fun to hear your passion about the springers of our past. I owned Gretyl’s brother and the mom (return Molly) belonged to my cousin Michael Davi. So we do have some history and I hope to get on your spring 2014 list. I am interested in a liver/white male. You have my cell number; call anytime. Thanks

  2. Hi,
    We had a springer for 13.5 years and had to put him down in August due to heart failure. We loved him very much but he had issues with separation anxiety. I don’t know if that was related to the breed and or the breeding. I would love to have another springer but still a little worried about dealing with the separation anxiety again. Have you had that problem with any of your pups?
    We are interested in getting another dog in the spring months. Would you consider putting up on your list? We would be interested in a male. Liver and white is our favorite but would consider a black dog also. My son may also be interested in a puppy too. He currently lives at home and we thought that having two might help but he does plan on moving out in a few years and I don’t know if they could be separated.
    Thanks for considering us,
    Lisa and Mike Zarger

    • Lisa Zarger,

      So Sorry for your lose know matter how old. We all are left here to naturally grieve.
      The only way dogs have Separation problems is that the dogs had not been able to feel secure with its surroundings most times its do to with not enough Socializing, boarding or day care away from the home time as if the dog has been sheltered from expirences.
      Other weakneses are old age, not good eye site loosing hearing and health related.
      Separation Anxiety is not by know means inherited.
      If you get another dog be sure to include this dog in family and Outside world with only good expirences 🙂

  3. Hi Deb –

    Not sure if you remember us, but we adopted a little black and white girl we named Natalie about 5 years ago, and my grandparents (Gene & Lee Cardinal) adopted their girl, Candy, a few years before that. We love Natalie to pieces! She is a fantastic dog, best we could hope for. We were wondering if we could submit her photos to go up on the Happy Homes section. Is there a way we can do that? Let me know, thanks!

    • I remember you really well and would love some photos and updates on your Soaring Springers .
      Send them to info@soaringess.com . Candee was very old last time I spoke with your parents .
      Natalie Wood is still doing well and the rest of them as well ,
      Thank You please send those photos with a little write up on them.

  4. I am looking for a Springer puppy, field bred. Are your dogs field or bench bred? If field, do you have plans for a litter? Thanks.

  5. Your 2012 photo looks like a piece of heaven to me. My parents had a springer when they brought me home from the hospital and ever since I have been convinced that ESS DNA flows in my blood. I currently have a 4 yr. old springer and think she might be happier with a packmate. How much do you charge for your pups? Color isn’t an issue; I’ve had a tri-color, a liver and white ( who lived to be 20 yrs. old) and currently a black and white. I do prefer a female. Temperment is very important to me. My current girl is a sweetheart and loves everybody!! Thanks for your time!! Sincerely, Cheryl Bishop, Syracuse, N.Y.

  6. my springer of 19 years has just passed im heart broken, im lost without him we were always together, he loved being with me I took him everywhere… anyway I love the breed great dogs… been thinking I would love another friend… how much are your pups ?

  7. Just saw your website and read where you had a good friend Mr. Gebert. I have worked for DVH for 26years , and the Gebert’s used to come to our clinic (they were friends with Dr. Conrad). I loved their springers. My husband and I have 2 black and white springers and love them. Have 4 titles on them in obedience, working on 5 ! Love your site .

  8. I have had cocker spaniels all my life growing up and LOVE spaniels in general. When my beloved Maggie, a chocolate cocker passed away from IMHA, I thought I could never get another dog….then I met Caity….an senior Springer in need of rescue. The sweetest, most gentle, funny (you are dog lovers, so you will know what I mean about her having a sense of humor), I love all her little ways, her devotion and her adoration for me are really the best compliments I receive and she gives so much love every second I am with her. I am interested in a puppy in the relatively near future and am wondering if you have any that would be a good match for me and my home and that I would be able to be the best Mommy to. I prefer a female pup, though it’s not a deal breaker….I just have more experience with females, as all the dogs that have been my responsibility since 15 years old have been females. I do love male dogs too, though!! I don’t care about his/her coloring, I am just looking for a loving companion. I would really like to have my puppy live his/her life as a free soul…no showing, no breeding, just the best member of my family that I can take on adventures with me all around Long Island, New York. Despite her age, my Caity was a very phenomenal swimmer and loved both the Long Island sound and my best friend’s pool. I am looking for a pretty docile temperament, as I am a shy introvert and live a pretty quiet life. I do love walking dogs on the beach and through neighborhoods, cuddling them, petting them, giving them massages and playing with them, taking them to their favorite places and just really nurturing them, spending time with them and loving them. I don’t have a husband or any children and don’t plan on it for the future. I am at home most of the time with my dogs, and they have learned to really love that. I come from a very loving and supportive family with the means to provide any medical care and provide for any needs one of your puppies may have. If you have a pup that you think would love me please let me know. Thank you.

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